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The Cottage Schools

Pleasantville Cottage School

Cottage on CampusPleasantville Cottage School on JCCA’s Westchester Campus is one of the oldest and most respected residential treatment programs in the U.S. The first cottage-style center in the country, it celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. Pleasantville also was home to the first psychiatric clinic in an American child care institution, and this tradition of innovative excellence has been a hallmark of the agency ever since. Pleasantville Cottage School is home to emotionally troubled boys and girls, ages 7-16. Its philosophy is that the child is part of a family that must be engaged and helped so that the child can safely return home permanently. We believe that most of the children in our care have strengths we can build on to resolve the problems that made it necessary for them to come into care.

Lori Mayes
Director of Campus Life

Phone: 914-769-0164
Admissions: 914-741-4524
Fax: 914-741-4565

1075 Broadway
Pleasantville, NY 10570

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Therapeutic Arts at The Cottage Schools


Lacking a steady home, Tasha's life of abuse and neglect sent her spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle at a young age. It was through the Pleasantville Cottage School where she finally came to understand her self-worth, and now she wants to grow up to help kids like her. "JCCA staff stayed patient with me. They helped me learn to cope with my feelings and express them in a positive manner; I learned to trust and I gained trust."

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Every aspect of the children’s lives is considered part of their treatment, and days are highly structured and monitored. Youth participate in daily community meetings and group therapy to help them develop the skills necessary to cope with the trauma they have experienced. Structured school days, job skills workshops, internships, a youth advisory council, and community employment opportunities help ready them to lead independent and productive lives.

Admission age: 7-15.

Every Child Deserves to Grow Up Hopeful