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Forest Hills Child Care Center

Forest Hills Chilc Care Center student We are proud that we have served thousands of children and parents in Forest Hills for 32 years. However, for many years the Forest Hills Child Care Center has run at a deficit. Following an in-depth strategic review, JCCA’s Board of Trustees has decided due to fiscal consideration that it is necessary to close the program as of June 30th.

There are currently about 30 child care centers in the Forest Hills area and the number continues to expand. We are confident that the educational needs of our parents and children will be met by the many choices in our community.

Here are some links that may be helpful:

PRE-K for All (For children born in 2012)

ACS Early Learn Options

Abbe Natanielov, Director


108-05 68th Road
Queens, NY 11375

Repair the world, child by child

Foster Home Services
Family Foster Care: ChildSuccessNYC
Medically Fragile Foster Care
Treatment Family Foster Care
Treatment Foster Care Oregon
Youth Development

Edenwald Center
Pleasantville Cottage School
Pleasantville START
Care Management
Bridges to Health
Central Brooklyn Family Services
FACT Waiver
JCCA Family Resource Center
North Brooklyn Children's Services
Parent Advocate Program
Transitions for Children

Educational Services
Reading For Our Future
Early Literacy Project
Two Together
Brooklyn Democracy Academy

Juvenile Justice
Brooklyn Families Together
Second Chances

Preventive Services
Brief Strategic Family Therapy
Brief Strategic Family Therapy—Specialized Teen Preventive Services
Brooklyn Child and Adolescent Guidance Center
Child and Parent Psychotherapy
Family Ties
Functional Family Therapy
General Preventive Services
Helping Hands for Families

Programs for Sexually Abused and Exploited Children
The Center for Healing

Services to the
Jewish Community

Bukharian Teen Lounge
Compass Project
Kew Gardens Hills Youth Center
Partners in Caring

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