Mental Health and Preventive Services

four kidsJCCA's Mental Health and Preventive Services stabilize and strengthen poor families in crisis when their children are coping with mental illness and stress. With our help, these families can resolve immediate problems and keep children safely at home. Our programs offer rapid assessment, crisis intervention, and treatment. JCCA works with the children’s schools, family courts, and other community services. These programs serve several Brooklyn neighborhoods, and the Highbridge and Mott Haven neighborhoods of the South Bronx.

Mental Health and Preventive Services


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Akeena's Story

Akeena, 19, was abandoned in the hospital by her mother days after she was born. The task of raising her was left to her grandmother, Mable, a resilient and steadfast woman who is now retired after working much of her life as a nurse’s aide. The two came to JCCA’s Mental Health and Preventive Services division when Akeena was 9 years old, after being legally adopted by Ms. Henry.  Read more>

At JCCA, we know that the mental health issues of the vulnerable and poor children we serve represent a huge unmet need. Mental health is a key component in a child’s healthy development. Children need to be healthy in order to learn, grow, and lead productive lives. There are effective treatments, services, and supports that can help children and youth with mental health problems and those at risk to thrive and live successfully. However, most poor children and youth in need of mental health services do not obtain them. Twenty-one percent of low-income children and youth ages 6 through 17 have mental health problems, but more than seventy-five percent of them do not receive the mental health services they require.

JCCA offers a variety of programs aimed at assisting families whose children have mental health issues.. The aim is to keep the children in the community with their families, while providing them with the help they need. Programs are divided into four departments:

Repair the world, child by child
Foster Home Services
Family Foster Care/Kinship
Family Foster Care: ChildSuccessNYC

Treatment Foster Care Oregon
Specialized Family Foster Care:
Medically Fragile

Treatment Family Foster Care
Tutoring Services
Residential Services
The Cottage Schools:
Edenwald Center
Pleasantville Cottage School
Pleasantville START
The Center for Healing

Coordinated Community

Bridges to Health
Brooklyn Democracy Academy
Parent Advocate Program

Mental Health And Preventive Services
Preventive Services
Family Ties
Helping Hands for Families
Child and Parent Psychotherapy
Brief Strategic Family Therapy
Brief Strategic Family Therapy—Specialized Teen Preventive Services
Functional Family Therapy

Counseling and Support Programs
Brooklyn Child and
Adolescent Guidance Center
Brooklyn Families Together
JCCA Family Resource Center

Case Management
Central Brooklyn Family Services
FACT Waiver
North Brooklyn Children's Services
Transitions for Children

Second Chances
Services in the
Jewish Community

Bukharian Teen Lounge
Compass Project
Forest Hills Child Care Center
Young Bukharian Leadership Institute
Kew Gardens Hills Youth Center
Partners in Caring
Two Together Tutoring Program

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