JCCA Programs

Foster Home Services

Family Foster Care/Kinship Family Foster Care: ChildSuccessNYC provides safe and nurturing foster homes for children while families work to resolve their difficulties.

Treatment Foster Care Oregon serves youth who have been in multiple foster homes with intensive, short-term care.

Specialized Family Foster Care: Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (RESOLVE) works with boys and girls who are survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and places them in specialized foster homes.

Specialized Family Foster Care: Medically Fragile is a program for children with serious medical conditions whose families are unable to cope with their conditions.

Treatment Family Foster Care is an intensive treatment program for youth with moderate to severe emotional and behavioral issues.

Tutoring Services/Reading for Our Future provides youth in foster care with in-home, one-on-one tutoring.

Residential Services

The Cottage Schools: provide care for youth in a safe and supervised cottage-style setting through four programs on JCCA’s 150-acre Westchester Campus.

Edenwald Center serves children who have low IQs, autism, and other developmental disorders

Gateways serves girls who have been the victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking

Pleasantville Cottage School serves children with long-term emotional and behavioral challenges

Pleasantville START serves children who need assessment, residential treatment, and intensive intervention for a short period of time

Coordinated Community Services
Coordinated Community Services comprise JCCA’s largest community-based programs.

Arches, a collaboration with the NYC Department of Probation, is a transformative mentoring program for young adults on probation.

Bridges to Health helps youth who are in foster care and have special needs remain safely in the community.

Brooklyn Democracy Academy, a partnership with the NYC Dept of Education, is an academically rigorous transfer high school designed to support and reengage students who have dropped out or fallen behind.

Parent Advocate Program is designed to empower parents, to help parents to understand their rights and responsibilities, and to give parents the confidence to seek successful outcomes in Initial Child Safety Conferences.

Mental Health and Preventive Services
Mental Health and Preventive Services stabilize and strengthen poor families in crisis when their children are coping with mental illness and stress.

Preventive Services
Family Ties works with at-risk families whose children have mental health issues, providing support and counseling to maintain children at home.

Helping Hands is an intensive preventive program for families whose children have mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

PACT (Parent and Child Together) is an intensive program assisting families with young children who have experienced traumatic events.

CAPS (Child-Adolescent-Parent Services) assists families with children and youth with serious behavior problems.

FFT (Functioning Family Therapy) is an intensive short-term program for high risk families to strengthen them and keep troubled youth at home.

Counseling and Support Programs

Brooklyn Child and Adolescent Guidance Center is a licensed, comprehensive mental health program providing youth and families with outcome-focused, short-term treatment.

Brooklyn Families Together is an intensive, short-term treatment program for troubled youth with severe behavioral problems.

JCCA Family Resource Center provides comprehensive family support services to parents and caregivers who have been identified as having emotional, behavioral or mental health problems.

Journey is an intensive, short-term alternative program to help youth address their problems and avoid juvenile justice placement.

Case Management

Central Brooklyn Family Services - Transitions for Children - North Brooklyn Children's Services - Passages: These programs help emotionally fragile children and adolescents, ages 5-24, having difficulties that include: struggling to take care of themselves, trouble with academics, behavioral challenges, and family issues. Through crisis intervention, home visits, counseling, and service coordination, JCCA helps to stabilize families and enhance their potential for growth and independence.

FACT (Families and Children Together) is a Home and Community-Based Services Waiver program that assists children and adolescents, ages 5-17, with serious emotional needs stay with their families instead of being placed in a residential facility.

Services in the Jewish Community
JCCA has been committed to providing programs to Jewish children and families with unmet needs since 1822.

Bukharian Teen Lounge is a comprehensive after-school program in Queens that helps immigrant teens successfully integrate into the American community while maintaining their rich cultural heritage.

Compass Project helps teens and young adults with learning differences, Autism Spectrum disorders, and related disabilities transition from high school or college to independent adulthood.

Family Day Care offers safe, nurturing care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in a smaller home setting in the child’s community with experienced child care providers.

Forest Hills Child Care Center offers toddlers and preschoolers an educational experience in a fully-equipped Center which include the Universal Pre-Kindergarten program.

Young Bukharian Leadership Institute is a leadership program for selected young professionals from the Bukharian Jewish community.

Kew Gardens Hills Youth Center is an after-school socialization program in Queens for Orthodox male teens and young adults.

Partners in Caring is a gateway through which JCCA brings its services to the Bukharian Jewish community to meet the needs of their constituencies.

Two Together Tutoring Program is a citywide program providing free individualized tutoring and mentoring to NYC schoolchildren who score below grade level in reading or math or have other learning needs.

Repair the world, child by child
Foster Home Services
Family Foster Care/Kinship
Family Foster Care: ChildSuccessNYC

Treatment Foster Care Oregon
Specialized Family Foster Care:
Medically Fragile

Treatment Family Foster Care
Tutoring Services
Residential Services
The Cottage Schools:
Edenwald Center
Pleasantville Cottage School
Pleasantville START
The Center for Healing

Coordinated Community

Bridges to Health
Brooklyn Democracy Academy
Parent Advocate Program

Mental Health And Preventive Services
Preventive Services
Family Ties
Helping Hands for Families
Child and Parent Psychotherapy
Brief Strategic Family Therapy
Brief Strategic Family Therapy—Specialized Teen Preventive Services
Functional Family Therapy

Counseling and Support Programs
Brooklyn Child and
Adolescent Guidance Center
Brooklyn Families Together
JCCA Family Resource Center

Case Management
Central Brooklyn Family Services
FACT Waiver
North Brooklyn Children's Services
Transitions for Children

Second Chances
Services in the
Jewish Community

Bukharian Teen Lounge
Compass Project
Forest Hills Child Care Center
Young Bukharian Leadership Institute
Kew Gardens Hills Youth Center
Partners in Caring
Two Together Tutoring Program

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