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Autism Resource Center
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Schools providing programs for individuals with Aspergers

Certificate Programs - RSP Programs - LD Programs - Degree Programs

Certificate Programs

Program Name: Vocational to Independence Program (3 year)
School: New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)
Location: Central Islip, NY
Website: www.nyit.edu/vip/Curriculum_01.html
Contact: Ernst VanBergeijk, PhD, 631-348-3354
Goal: certificate
Focus: AS neurological impairments borderline intellectual functioning

Program Name: Threshold Program (2 year)
School: Lesley University
Location: Cambridge, MA
Website: www.lesley.edu/threshold/threshold_home.htm
Contact: Threshld@mail.lesley.edu, 617-868-9600
Goal: Certificate + 6 college credits (+3 credits for transition year)
Cost: Core: $16,500; Bridge: $12,300; Transition $13,700

Program Name: Horizons School (3 year)
School: The Horizons School
Location: Birmingham, AL
Website: www.horizonsschool.org/home.html
Contact: Marie McElheny, 1-800-822-6242
Goal: Certificate
Focus: Mild LD; mild handicapping conditions
Cost: $21,000 + $10,000


Program Name: College Internship Program
School: College Internship Program
Location: Melbourne, FL; Bloomington, IN; Berkeley, CA; Lee, MA
Website: www.collegeinternshipprogram.com
Contact: admissions@berkshirecenter.org, 1-887-Know-CIP
Goal: in addition
Focus: AS/HFA/PDD, Nonverbal LD, ADHD, Dyslexia
On Campus/Off Campus: off campus
Fee for Service: yes
Cost: Tuition: $15,500 to $26,000

Program Name: College Living Experience
School: College Living Experience
Location: Denver, CO; Austin, TX; Monterey, CA; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Fort Lauderdale, FL
Website: www.cleinc.net/home.aspx
Contact: 800-486-5058
Goal: in addition
Focus: AS, ADD, DD, LD
On Campus/Off Campus: off campus
Fee for Service: yes

Program Name: AHEADD Achieving in Higher Education with Autism/DD
School: AHEADD
Location: Albany, NY; Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; LI, NY; Miami, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; Washington, DC
Website: www.aheadd.org/
Contact: Carolyn Komich Hare
Goal: in addition
Focus: Autism/DD
On Campus/Off Campus: off campus
Fee for Service: yes


Program Name: SALT Maximizing Success for Students with Learning and Attention Challenges
School: University of Arizona
Location: Tucson, AZ
Website: www.salt.arizona.edu
On Campus/Off Campus: on campus
Fee for Service: yes

Program Name: Baccalaureate for University of Indianapolis Learning Disabled (BUILD)
School: University of Indianapolis
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Website: http://build.uindy.edu/index.php
Contact: mcavanaugh@uindy.edu Mary Lynn Cavanaugh, 317-788-3536
Goal: degree
Focus: LD
On Campus/Off Campus: on campus
Staff to Student Ratio: 14:01
Fee for Service: yes

Program Name: Achieve Program
Program Name: ASPIRE
School: Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Location: Carbondale, IL
Website: www.siu.edu/~achieve/Prospective_Students/overview.html
Contact: achieve@siu.edu, 618-453-2369
Goal: degree
Focus: LD/ADHD
On Campus/Off Campus: on campus
Fee for Service: yes
Cost: 2800 semester +1000 testing fee

Program Name: Program for the Advancement of Learning
School: Curry College
Location: Milton, MA
Website: www.curry.edu/Academics/LD+Program+(PAL)/
Contact: 617-333-0500
Focus: LD

Degree Programs

Program Name: SEAD — Strategic Education for Students with ASD (4 year)
School: Univeristy of Connecticut
Location: Storrs, CT
Website: www.csd.uconn.edu/sead_program.html
Contact: 860- 486-2020
Goal: degree
Focus: Autism
On Campus/Off Campus: on campus
Staff to Student Ratio: 2:01
Undergraduate Enrollment: 1
Graduate Enrollment: 0
Commuters: live on campus
Fee for Service: yes
Cost: $3,000 per semester

Program Name: Aspergers Disorder College Program (4 year)
School: The State University of NJ Rutgers
Location: New Brunswick, NJ
Website: http://dddc.rutgers.edu/services/aspergers_college_program.php
Contact: Kerri Dvorak, 732-932-3902
Goal: degree
Focus: Aspergers

Program Name: COMPASS: College-based Support for Students w/AS (2 year)
School: Fairleigh Dickinson University
Location: Madison, NJ
Website: http://staging.fdu.edu/default.aspx?id=5051
Contact: 201-692-2645
Goal: degree
Focus: Aspergers
On Campus/Off Campus: on campus
Staff to Student Ratio: 4 to 1
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6 per year
Staff Training: advanced doctoral candidates
Fee for Service: yes
Cost:$6,000 per year

Program Name: College Program for Students with AS (2/4 year)
School: Marshall University
Location: Huntington, WV
Website: www.marshall.edu/coe/ATC/modelcollege.htm#faq
Contact: Marc Ellison Ellison13@marshall.edu, 304-696-2848
Goal: degree
Focus: Autism
On Campus/Off Campus: on campus
Fee for Service: yes
Cost: $3,200

Program Name: Mason LIFE Program at Helen A Keller Institute (4 year)
School: George Mason University
Location: Fairfax County, VA
Contact: GMULIFE@gmu.edu, 703)993-3905
Focus: DD, AS, TBI

Program Name: Daemen School (4 year)
School: Gersch Academy
Location: Amherst, NY
Website: www.daemen.edu/default.php
Goal: degree
Fee for Service: yes
Cost: $10,000 — $800 per credit

Program Name: Achilles
School: Nassau Community College
Location: Long Island, NY
Contact: Dr. Wendy Eisner, 516-572-7458, Wendy.Eisner@ncc.edu
Focus: LD,OHI,AS/HFA,ADHD,Tourette's,OCD,bipolar,depression
On Campus/Off Campus: on campus

Program Name: Through Cody Center
School: Suffolk Community College
Location: Long Island
Website: www.stonybrookmedicalcenter.org/codycenter

Program Name: Academic Resource Program & Bridges Project
School: Long Island University, CW POST Campus
Location: Long Island
Contact: Marie Fatscher, marie.fatscher@liu.edu

Program Name: Bridges to Adelphi Project (4 year)
School: ADELPHI University
Location: Long Island
Website: mnagler@gmail.com
Contact: Mitch Nagler
Goal: degree
Focus: Aspergers
On Campus/Off Campus: on campus
Graduate Enrollment: LMHC
Fee for Service: no

Program Name: The Kelly Autism Program
School: Western Kentucky University
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Website: http://www.wku.edu/kellyautismprogram/collegeandcircleofsupport.php
Contact: Marty Boman, EdD, 270-745-4527
Focus: Autism
Fee for Service: yes
Cost: $2,000

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