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Introduction & Voter Registration Drive

JCCA has been recognized as a leader in the child welfare and mental health fields and continues to transform lives. Through advocacy efforts, JCCA has put our client’s needs at the forefront to ensure their success. We are proud to announce that we successfully held an agency-wide voter registration drive on National Voter Registration Day on September 25th, 2018. A total of 40 people were registered. Of those, 16 youth from the two Bronx offices and 12 youth from the Campus registered to vote for the first time. Additional activities focused on getting all registered voters out to the polls on November 6th. To continue our efforts in supporting change and development for the communities we serve, JCCA will continue to lend our expertise in initiatives that are aligned with our mission.

Below are budget and legislative issues that JCCA is supporting early in the 2019 year.

Fostering Youth Success Alliance

    • JCCA supports a request for $6 million dollars for the Fostering Youth Success Alliance (FYSA) College Initiative that provides foster youth with financial and other assistance while they attend college. This is part of our efforts to create a college-going culture for youth in our care. A college degree is a known first step to a pathway of opportunities, it allows youth the ability to develop a broad range of skills for a broad range of opportunities that may not be available for those who have not engaged in a higher level of education.

Preventive Services

    • Preventive services are a critical way to avoid out-of-home placement for children by providing supports to struggling families. As part of the New York State Coalition for Child Welfare, JCCA wants to maximize the investments in Preventive Services by asking the state to restore preventive funding from 62% state share back to 65% to ensure that children and families across the state have access to high-quality preventive services when they’re needed.

Families Together Empowerment

    • JCCA supports and will be a part of the Families Together in New York State Advocacy Day, in which families from all over New York State will gather together in Albany to voice their concerns and ideas with policymakers. Some of these priorities are expanding and integrating Family and Youth Peer Support Services into all children’s services and requesting the state to add $5.8 million dollars to support the first 1,000 days of the new Medicaid Initiative.

Proximity Pilot Bill & Family Visiting Bus

    • As part of the New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents, led by the Osborne Association, and in recognition of the importance of maintaining family times for children, JCCA is supporting two bills that will help keep families together when a family member is incarcerated. One of the bills is the Proximity Pilot Bill, which is a pilot program that will place 100 incarcerated parents in facilities closer to their children and families and that will evaluate the impact on visiting frequency, institutional adjustment of parents, and recidivism, rates. The second is the Family Visiting Bus Program, which we are asking for inclusion of funding for the program in FY 2020 State budget for the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

2019 Charter Revision Procurement Reform

    • The Charter Revision ask voters to approve reforms to the City Charter that would institute a strict time frame for City agencies to complete their contract review work, and create a publicly-facing contract tracking system to monitor the progress of contracts through each stage of the review and registration process. These changes would introduce real accountability to the City’s oversight agencies.