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Education is a key part of JCCA’s mission to repair the world, child by child. The L.E.A.P. division works to improve outcomes and engagement for children and families across the agency.

Early Literacy

JCCA’s Early Literacy program provides essential intervention for students in Kindergarten, first, and second grades (6-8 years old) who are in JCCA foster homes, by identifying pre-reading deficits and engaging children and their parents in a six-month-long intervention program. The program incorporates in-home tutoring, pre-testing, parent/foster parent education, and post-testing and evaluation. Parents are trained in fun workshops that include books and literacy toolkits to take with them. They take what they learn in the workshops and incorporate the new techniques with their children at home. The children receive in-home tutoring focused on school readiness and literacy.


Students are eligible to apply for JCCA scholarships, administered by the Board of Trustees, to continue their education. Funds are available for undergraduate and vocational education.


Virtual and in-person tutoring is available for children and young adults. Tutors help with study skills, reading, math, and most important, build self-confidence and self-advocacy to empower young people to succeed.