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Liberation Diploma Plus High School

Sankofa is an Akan word meaning, “We must go back and learn our past in order to understand who we are today, thereby empowering ourselves to move forward,” or “We must go back in order to come through.” This Sankofan concept is our school mantra. Our students must be able to go back and analyze the factors, both external and internal, that caused them to make poor or uninformed choices.


We work with students through their journey and provide them with the support and avenues to move forward. Staff, students, and their families create a climate in which students can cultivate the skills needed to evaluate their options so they can make informed, appropriate choices. Our teaching and counseling staff provide academically challenging and socially supportive educational environments. These nurturing surroundings engage and enable students to succeed. Our charge is not to educate and exile, but to educate and liberate. Our mission is to develop the whole student—academically, socially, and emotionally.

Supportive, personalized learning environment

  • Earn 18-20 credits a year
  • Small school of 200 students
  • 20-25 students per class
  • Individualized relationships with Advocate, Guidance, and College Counselors for support
  • Highly qualified teachers address the learning styles of each student
  • Graduate college- and career-ready with a NYC Department of Education High School Diploma

Opportunities for personal growth and career development

  • Workshops and seminars to develop talents and interests
  • Leadership, employment and independent living skills development
  • Paid internships
  • Community service activities
  • College/career exploration and planning
  • State of the art hydroponics lab
  • Day/overnight college trips
  • CUNY college prep classes

Extracurricular activities

  • Junior Citizens Police Academy
  • Boys PSAL Basketball Team Multiples Pathways Division A (2015, 2016 Boys Champions)
  • Talent/fashion shows
  • Senior trip/Senior prom
  • Anti-Violence Coalition

Liberation Diploma Plus High School is a partnership between the NYC Department of Education and JCCA.