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Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center is designed to support, empower and strengthen the capabilities of parents and caregivers in Central and South Brooklyn. The Center provides a comprehensive range of family support services to families with children who have mental health needs or behavioral challenges.


The JCCA Family Resource Center serves children in Central and South Brooklyn (birth to 24 years old) who have been identified as having emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges, or who are at risk for developing such challenges.


Services are provided by a team of consumer advocates and professionals, including:

  • A Program Director
  • Family Advocates
  • Youth Advocates
  • Licensed Social Workers


What does the program provide?

  • Information and Education: Our staff help families in person and by phone with a range of issues, including child mental health services, child-serving systems, family rights/entitlements, education and early childhood education.
  • Peer-to-Peer Support: Get help from another parent on staff or join our weekly support groups in Flatbush and Coney Island.
  • Linkages and Referrals: Families are connected to a range of services, including mental health, special education, early intervention, day care, shelters, food pantries, employment services and more.Individual Advocacy: We help families secure services and government benefits.
  • Recreational Activities: Activities for youth and parents/caregivers include outings and weekly groups offered in multiple locations.
  • Care Coordination: Our staff helps families whose children receive services from multiple government agencies to help coordinate care and get what they need.
  • Childcare is provided during parenting groups

The program is funded by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.