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Bridges to Health

Marleen Litt, LCSW, Assistant Vice President
858 E. 29th St, Brooklyn, NY 11210 – 917 808 4800
555 Bergen Ave, 4th Floor, Bronx NY 10455 – 718 742 8550

For enrollment or intake, please contact:
Yudelca De la Cruz. Director, Family Resource Center – 347-394-5186


Bridges to Health (B2H) is a program for children who are in foster care and have special needs, such as developmental disabilities or serious emotional problems. The goal of the program is to “wrap” a child and family in services so the child can remain safely in the community, avoiding hospitalization or residential treatment.

Unique features of B2H services:
  • Can be provided even after the child leaves care, until he or she turns 21 years of age, as long as he or she meets the Level of Care Criteria for the waiver type.
  • Can be provided in the foster family homes and continued in birth/adoptive homes.
  • Young people in regular and Treatment Foster Care programs are eligible.
What will B2H provide?

You and your child will work closely with our staff to identify the individual services your child and family need. Families are able to choose the types of services and providers of those services—which can be JCCA or another agency. Services include:
Case Management: An experienced and dedicated social worker, called a Health Care Integrator (HCI), will work with you and your child to choose both the services and the service providers. Each JCCA HCI will work with no more than six children at a time, so you and your child will receive a lot of support and attention. Support for youth and caregivers:

  • Skill building
  • Family caregiver supports
  • Community advocacy
  • Day habilitation
  • Planned and crisis respite, including overnight respite
  • Immediate crisis response
  • Crisis avoidance and management
  • Intensive in-home support


Vocational: Training and employment placements for youth.
Medical: Devices/aids, assistive equipment and accessibility modifications for the home and vehicles.
Is B2H for your child?


Eligibility Information
  • Diagnosis of Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED), Developmentally Disabled (DD) or Medically Fragile (Med-F)
  • Lives in a foster home or a setting of 12 beds or fewer
  • Under age 19 (for children with SED) or under age 21 (for DD and Med-F children)
  • At risk of being institutionalized