Brooklyn Democracy Academy

Brooklyn Democracy Academy is a transfer school–a small, academically rigorous high school designed to reengage and support students who have dropped out or fallen behind, and, as a result, are lacking sufficient credits for their age and grade. Transfer schools offer personalized learning environments with smaller class settings. Brooklyn Democracy Academy (BDA) is a partnership between the NYC Department of Education and JCCA.

terellbda_2016Terell’s Story

“I was just taking up space in my other high school. I wasn’t really motivated. But the minute I came to BDA, I felt comfortable. Everyone here made me feel supported and helped me believe I could go for it and succeed,” he says. Read more >

BDA is committed to providing an interesting, challenging educational program that helps students overcome obstacles and attain their goals. We are committed to building a community where students, staff, and families work together to support students’ needs. Together, we help our students earn a high school diploma, explore their interests, and build important life skills. We prepare our graduates for post-secondary education and/or employment, healthy personal relationships, and active participation in the community.

Supportive, personalized learning environment

  • Small school of 200 students
  • 20-25 students per class
  • Individualized relationships with Advocate Counselors who provide support and guidance
  • Highly qualified teachers who address the learning styles of each student

Opportunities for personal growth and career development

  • Workshops and seminars to develop talents and interests
  • Leadership, employment and independent living skills development
  • Paid internships throughout the school year and employment opportunities after graduation
  • Community service activities
  • College/career exploration and planning
  • CUNY At Home In College Program (CUNY college courses at BDA)
  • APEX Learning Online courses
  • State of the art Media Center and computer lab
  • Hydrophonics hands-on science class
  • Extracurricular activities, including PSAL (Public School Athletic League) boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, day/overnight college trips (SUNY, CUNY, HBCU), chess club, cheerleading, step team, annual talent and fashion show


Brooklyn Democracy Academy is a partnership of JCCA and the NYC Department of Education.