Treatment Foster Care Oregon

Although moving children and youth from one foster care placement to another is sometimes necessary, it can be traumatic. Caused by an array of systemic and child/foster family factors, placement disruptions can contribute to behavioral and attachment problems, as well as other challenges for children, such as mental health issues, educational under-achievement and even unemployment and poverty in adulthood.

JCCA’s Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) program serves young people, ages 12-18, who have been in multiple foster homes, with intensive, short-term (6-9 months), one-on-one services. Youth in the program have a history of behavioral issues and trauma, and have developed poor coping skills, acting out instead of asking for the help they need. Limited to one child in each foster home, foster parents receive special training to provide youth with daily structure. Therapists work with each youth and family member to prepare for the youth’s return home. The program offers 24/7 support, expertise and positive role models. TFCO Life Skill Coaches accompany the child during the day and teach daily skills, while offering support and respite for foster parents. Staff also provides weekly support groups for foster parents.

TFCO Teens

TFCO teens have a history of behavioral issues and have typically been in a number of different placements before coming to this program. They may have experienced trauma in their lives, or have had to deal with difficult family issues from an early age. As a result, they have developed poor coping skills and act out instead of being able to ask for the help they need. TFCO provides much-needed structure and teaches young people appropriate ways to get their needs met by following intensive behavioral guidelines.

TFCO Foster Parents

JCCA is recruiting foster parents who want to work with teens, are interested in a being a short-term provider and like high levels of support from professional staff and peers. Program staff will work with prospective parents, giving them special training and support. Every candidate will have a background check and a home assessment in order to meet program requirements. TFCO foster parents receive a higher payment from New York State than is available in regular foster care. Learn more about becoming a foster parent.