As you may have heard, on Tuesday, May 2, we’re launching #JCCABlueDay! It’s a day to raise money, build awareness, and engage with our community to support the amazing work we do at JCCA.  The more participation we have, the more successful it will be—and that’s where you come in.

On Tuesday, May 2, wear JCCA gear or anything in the color blue AND post and share #JCCABlueDay content with your social network to get the word out about what JCCA means to you. You can share a story about your work, a link to your program, or even the fundraising page. Every post will make a difference!

Below you’ll find sample posts that you can paste right into your social media channels or customize however you like. You’ll also find prompts that invite you and your colleagues to share about what you do each day at JCCA and what inspires you to do it. While this kit aims to make things easy, your personal touch makes the difference.

You’re welcome to encourage your followers to donate and link to our Blue Day page, but there is no pressure to mention fundraising at all. Simply telling your followers about the work we do and the people we serve is a huge help. Just remember to use the hashtag #JCCABlueDay in all posts.


Post Example 1

Today is #JCCABlueDay and I want to shout out my amazing colleagues and our wonderful, resilient clients. Blue Day is one day to make a difference in the lives of New York children and families facing difficult, often heartbreaking circumstances. If you believe in this vital mission please GIVE BLUE to sustain JCCA’s life-changing work.

[for Instagram consider posting with one of these graphics]

Post Example 2

Today is #JCCABlueDay and I want share about what I do at work each day and what inspires me to do it.
[Tell your followers about your work and what it means to you. Then tag a few of your colleagues to do the same!]

[for Instagram consider posting with this graphic and including photos of you and your colleagues]

Post Example 3

In honor of #JCCABlueDay I’d like to share how one day can make a big difference in the life of a young person in a tough situation.
[Tell a brief, anonymous story about one day where a client found success, safety, or hope at JCCA.]

Today you can make a difference in the lives of New York kids and families by Giving Blue.

[for Instagram consider posting with one of these graphics]