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Foster Home Services

In New York City, nearly 9,000 children are in foster care. They have been removed from their homes because their caretakers are accused of abuse or neglect, or their inability to care for the children for whom they are responsible. JCCA is one of the largest and most respected foster care agencies in New York City, and was selected as one of five agencies to work with the City on the ChildSuccessNYC pilot program. Our services help place children with caring families and we help the families that have had their children removed from their homes as well as the families who serve as foster parents.


Our philosophy is simple: the infants and children in our care need safe and nurturing foster homes while their families work to resolve their difficulties. Where possible, we work with families to return the children to their parents and families permanently, and we seek to build strong connections and better relationships among family members. When we cannot return children to their birth families, we work to find permanent, loving new families for them. We work with foster parents who receive extensive training and support from JCCA staff.


Anthony, foster youth

“I was smart and got good grades, but I was angry, too, and had trouble listening. At Pleasantville, the staff, especially Mr. Harrigan, taught me how to talk about my problems and how to express myself. I learned coping skills and strategies for dealing better with people.”
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Our dedicated staff consists of social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and case managers, all working in the best interests of the child and family. The staff is diverse and has been trained to be culturally curious in order to best serve our clients.


JCCA’s Foster Home Services division provides services to youth who are placed in foster homes, as well as their families. Staff in our Bronx and Brooklyn locations work to reunify children with their parents, and, if that is not possible, we seek alternative permanency resources such as KINGAP, discharge to relative, or adoption.


The following are the programs within the Foster Home Division that serve youth and families:

  • Child Success NYC is a foster care model linking evidence-based interventions to reduce length of stay in foster care. KEEP is the group model for foster parents and PTC (Parenting Through Change) is the model used to support and train parents.
  • Treatment Family Foster Care (TFFC) is a program that serves children and youth with significant behavioral and psychiatric issues, utilizing trauma-informed practice, behavior modification, foster parent support, and increased client contact.
  • The Medically Fragile program serves foster children with significant medical needs by offering education and support to caregivers, an interdisciplinary team that includes a nurse, and increased monitoring.

In addition to our exceptional case planning services, JCCA’s Foster Home Services division offers:

  • Youth Development is a program for our adolescents that includes vocational, cultural, and independent living components
  • In our Medical Department, each child is assigned a nurse who monitors their health and well-being at our on-site medical clinics
  • Mental Health Services includes on-site therapy provided by psychologists or LCSWs and medication management provided by psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners
  • The Education Department follows and supports our youth in care from pre-school to high school graduation and beyond, offering tutoring, college-bound preparation, and scholarships
  • Foster Family Resources works with the recruitment, certification, and recertification of foster parents, both kinship and regular for all of the programs. The staff conducts home visits, trainings, assessments, and support for applicants and foster parents within the agency


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