Edenwald Center, founded in 1940, is home to 116 boys and girls with behavioral and cognitive difficulties and a Full Scale I.Q. range of 50-79. Edenwald also serves some young people with Pervasive Developmental Disorder as well as those on the Autism Spectrum (including Aspergers). Other children may be admitted on a case by case basis. Highly supervised and safe cottage living focuses on teaching residents life skills that foster independence and improve relationships with adults and peers so that they may return to the community as quickly as possible. Children receive support around developing social skills, enhancing daily living skills and practicing more effective coping skills to heal from past traumas.

Edenwald Eagles at Westchester Knicks!

JCCA is proud of the Edenwald Eagles basketball team as they performed the half-time scrimmage at a Westchester Knicks game this past season!

Our highly trained multi-disciplinary team works collaboratively with each youth and family to develop a comprehensive, individualized service plan. Residents participate in individual and group life skills training focusing on practical and social issues. Many residents hold jobs on or off campus and attend life skills and pre-vocational programs both in the school and in the community. Families are referred to comprehensive services in the community, including aftercare, to facilitate the child’s return home.

Admission age: 6-16.