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Partners in Caring

Partners in Caring (PIC) provides services for Jewish students and their families in private school settings in Queens and Long Island. While the program primarily serves children and teens, we also support parents, teachers, principals, and rabbis. We offer workshops, consultations, virtual counseling, and in- school services, while also connecting our clients to community resources relevant to their needs. Though we provide individual counseling, the majority of our services are group-based and aim to foster a strong peer community.


PIC social workers utilize a range of approaches and techniques to help clients build skills and cope with life’s challenges; these include storytelling, art, cognitive behavioral therapy, use of rewards, positive thinking, role playing, behavior modification, modeling, in-class observations, and re-focusing. These services address issues such as anger management, anxiety, at-risk behavior, and a wide range of emotional and developmental difficulties facing young people and their families.

PIC staff are sensitive to the needs of those in their community and tailor their approach accordingly.

Partners in Caring is funded by a grant from the Caring Commission of UJA-Federation of New York and by JCCA.

Ilan Ginian
Director, Kesher
& Partners in Caring


Anna Kalinkina
Coordinator, Partners in Caring

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