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Solution-Based Casework

Located in Brooklyn, JCCA’s Family Support program works with at-risk families with children 0-17. Our social workers, case managers and administrators are all trained in Solution-Based Casework. This model was specifically developed for families involved in the Child Welfare system. The staff fully partner with the family to understand the patterns of everyday life, and that solutions should target the prevention skills needed to reduce the risk in those everyday life situations.


This model utilizes family life cycle theory, relapse prevention therapy (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), and solution-focused family therapy to partner with families; building on the families’ strengths to equip and empower them to manage their children on their own.

The program targets families at risk for abuse or neglect in order to prevent foster care placement. Family Support provides services to meet the needs of both the family and the child to promote the youth’s well-being and to foster the ability of the parents to lead physically and emotionally stable lives in pursuit of healthy and productive goals. The program’s holistic services are family-centered, strengths-based, and culturally sensitive and are designed to defuse potential conflicts, reduce the incidence of violence, and promote the safety of the children and families.

  • Comprehensive assessment and treatment plan developed with the family.
  • Family engagement is critical; service plans clearly list goals and timelines, developed with the family’s needs and direct input.
  • Bi-weekly counseling (more if necessary) occur in the home, agency, and a variety of community-based locations, depending upon the needs of the family.
  • Celebrations of accomplishments


Referrals from: Administration for Children’s Services, community mental health programs, schools, community-based providers, hospitals and more. Family Support is funded by the Administration for Children’s Services in collaboration with JCCA.