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Our Mission, Services and Affiliations

JCCA’s mission is to provide the highest quality child welfare and mental health services to New York’s neediest and most vulnerable children and families to ensure that their safety, permanency and well-being leads to a life of stability and promise.

We are guided by the Jewish mandate of tikkun olam—the responsibility of every person to make the world a better place. Our highly trained, dedicated staff works in partnership with families to build on their strengths, preserve the family when possible and help create new families when necessary, so that all children may thrive through experiencing the benefits of a healthy family and belonging to a community of support.


JCCA Services

JCCA, formerly known as Jewish Child Care Association, provides comprehensive care to thousands of children, young people and families who come from New York’s diverse communities. Since 1822, we have embraced those who need us most — abused, neglected and traumatized young people who are struggling with poverty, developmental disabilities and complex mental illness.

Our programs include foster and residential care, educational assistance and remediation, case management for young people with mental health challenges and services to families to prevent child abuse and maltreatment. JCCA offers safety, stability and lifesaving support to help our clients transform their lives. JCCA programs help more than 17,000 children and families annually.

We are one of the oldest, most distinguished child and family services organizations in the nation. We have helped more than a million abused, traumatized and neglected children heal physically and emotionally through compassionate, quality care that enables them to lead independent, productive lives.

We succeed because:

  • We have a culture of excellence and are rigorous in our commitment to measurable outcomes.
  • We set the highest standards in the field of child and family services, which has earned us a national reputation as a model and leader.
  • Our deeply compassionate and caring staff does not give up on any child. It brings superior skill and expertise to heal New York’s most vulnerable children.

JCCA is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children. We are committed to providing high quality programs to our clients.

JCCA clients are referred by city, county and state agencies, school systems, hospitals, private practitioners, managed care providers, insurance companies and individuals.

JCCA volunteers on the Westchester campus and other programs offer mentoring, tutoring, recreational activities and companionship to young people at JCCA.

JCCA strives to assure that when child and family situations have required the child to be placed in residential care, it is as brief as possible.

JCCA empowers young people by teaching them the skills to lead productive, independent lives.

JCCA’s staff is highly skilled, multicultural and multilingual, including licensed social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical, nursing and child care staff.

JCCA’s funding comes from public and private sources, including UJA-Federation of New York; the New York City Administration for Children’s Services; Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; NYS Office of Mental Health; NYS Office of Children and Family Services; Committees on Special Education; Agency for Child Development; County Departments of Social Services; foundations, bequests, and the generosity of individual donors.


  • UJA-Federation of New York
  • Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies
  • Association of Children’s Residential Centers
  • Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies
  • Child Welfare League of America
  • Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children
  • Council of Family and Child Caring Agencies
  • Human Services Council
  • New York State Coalition for Children’s Behavioral Health
  • The Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies
  • United Way of New York City