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Campus Clinical Services

As the home of the nation’s first psychiatric clinic in a child welfare setting, therapeutic care is central to the mission of the Pleasantville campus. It’s place of healing and growth for youth with complex and often overlapping mental and behavioral health issues. These needs are addressed by Campus Clinical Services, a team of highly trained clinicians who use evidence-based treatment models to provide individualized care to the residents of the Pleasantville Cottage School and Edenwald Center. These clinicians, who are designated as Other Licensed Practitioners (OLP), also provide family therapy to support reunification. These services help young people heal from trauma, treat mental illness, address negative behaviors, and prepare for a successful return to home and community.

For children with mental health needs, therapy is critical to building healthy relationships and preventing problems in the future. But making behavioral health treatment work for you and your child requires flexibility. The therapists, counselors, and social workers who qualify as Other Licensed Practitioners work with your child or your family in your home or in the community—instead of a formal office setting. Professionals provide psychotherapy as well as family therapy, assessments, and referrals to other services.

Campus Clinical Services consists of a team of five clinicians, each with caseload of 15-18 residents.