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Non-Medicaid Care Coordination

Children ages 5-21 who have received a Mental Health diagnosis are eligible to receive care coordination services through JCCA, even without Medicaid. If you have private insurance, or no insurance at all, your child’s physical and behavioral health care needs will be supported by a dedicated care coordinator, who will work with you, all of your providers, and your support system—including your family.


How will this program help me?

Currently, people receive medical services from one place and mental health or substance use treatment from another place. Different treatment providers do not typically communicate with one another. As a result, people can end up in the hospital or emergency room unnecessarily. Your dedicated care coordinator will work to improve your knowledge about your conditions/disease and your self-management capabilities and help you understand how “sticking to the plan” will increase your health and wellness and enhance the quality of your life. Your care coordinator can:

  • Coordinate services that meet your physical, mental health, chemical dependency, and social service needs
  • Set up doctor’s appointments and review service plan to ensure you have what you need to stay healthy
  • Support you in following your treatment team’s recommendations
  • Help you advocate for your child in school
  • Identify community-based resources
  • Support you in finding or applying for stable housing
  • Help you apply for benefits and make sure you continue to receive them
  • Provide you with follow-up care if you are hospitalized, working with the hospital to ensure that you return safely back to the community and making sure you get follow-up care, medications, and recommended services after discharge.
  • Work with your trusted family or caregiver to help with the planning or delivering of your care. All communications with your family will be done in a way that they can understand.



Who is eligible?

Children who have received a Mental Health diagnosis, who do not currently receive Medicaid.

Will I need to get a new doctor? Or change to a different specialist? Or attend a new program?

You do not have to change doctors, specialists, or groups to enroll. Your care coordinator will work with all of your providers.

How do I join the program?

Contact us! Email Silvia Bunay at or call 914-343-5654.