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Pleasantville Cottage Campus


P.O. Box 237, 1075 Broadway, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Phone: 914-769-0164, Admissions: 914-741-4524, Fax: 914-741-4565


JCCA is one of the oldest and most respected providers of residential treatment care in New York State. The programs on JCCA’s Pleasantville Cottage Campus been a part of the Pleasantville community since 1912. The children, ages 5-21, live in 20 cottages and are served by five distinctive programs: Pleasantville Cottage School, Edenwald Center, The Center for Healing, Pleasantville START and Gateways. The Campus has two special education schools run by the Mount Pleasant Union Free School District, a health center providing medical and dental services, a substance abuse clinic, a recreation center and gym, a swimming pool and athletic fields.

Contributing to the Community: Pleasantville Cottage Campus
JCCA has been part of the Westchester community for over 100 years and is proud to give back in various ways. Read our infographic to find out how the Pleasantville Cottage Campus contributes to the Mt. Pleasant and surrounding Westchester communities.
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Residential care provides a safe, supervised, nurturing setting that is necessary to resolve our children’s problems.

Our Staff

Our highly-trained clinical staff and structured programs provide psychiatric care, therapy, trauma interventions, educational support, enrichment and recreational activities so that young people can fully heal. Many have MSWs and MDs. Working closely with the family, the team formulates individualized treatment plans that focus on the specific needs of each child. The goal for these children is to provide them with safety, structure and treatment, so that they can be reunited their families or placed with a new, loving family. We have 552 staff on Campus. Seventy-one staff live in Pleasantville with their families.

Our Volunteers

For decades, volunteers from all over Westchester County have been helping our children. Currently, 567 locals regularly visit the Pleasantville Cottage Campus — many with their children. The love and encouragement of our volunteers has an enormous positive impact on the kids and on the volunteers as well.
As Phyllis N., one of our longtime volunteers wrote, “I began volunteering because I wanted to give some love to kids who needed to be loved. I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming feeling of happiness that comes over me every time I get a hug, a smile, or a thank you from one of the children in return. The fact that my whole family is involved makes it a truly priceless experience.”

What a Volunteer Means to Me

“My mentor means a lot to me. She’s a sweet, caring person who understands my problems and gives me good advice. She also makes me feel very special by coming to spend time with me, giving me smiles and positive thoughts.” Read more.

The Pleasantville Cottage Campus includes five programs that serve children at severe risk:

  • Pleasantville Cottage School is a program that serves children with long-term emotional and behavioral challenges.
  • Edenwald Center serves children who have low IQs, autism and other developmental disorders.
  • Pleasantville START serves children who need assessment, residential treatment and intensive intervention for a short period of time.
  • Gateways serves girls who have been the victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.
  • The Center for Healing, also located on the Campus, treats children who are the victims of sexual abuse and/or commercial sexual exploitation.