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Pleasantville Cottage Campus


P.O. Box 237, 1075 Broadway, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Phone: 914-769-0164, Admissions: 914-741-4524, Fax: 914-741-4565


Four residential programs — Pleasantville Cottage School, Edenwald Center, Pleasantville START (Short-Term Assessment and Rapid Treatment) and Gateways — offer a highly supervised and protected environment for 300 troubled and often traumatized young people. Most of them have been abused and/or neglected. They find safety and structure while they work to resolve their difficulties and return to their communities as soon as possible. With the support of a caring and professional staff, children attend school on campus, receive counseling, and participate in therapeutic arts, recreation, and job internships. In the past 104 years, more than 50,000 youth have been helped by campus programs.

Pleasantville Cottage School

which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012, was designed as a homelike antidote to large, impersonal orphanages. It helps abused and neglected youth in a structured program of school, activities, and therapies to help them cope with and move beyond the trauma they have experienced. The school also provides job skills, workshops, internships, art therapy, a youth advisory council, and community employment opportunites to help residents prepare for independent and productive lives. Learn more >

Edenwald Center

provides specialized treatment each year for boys and girls who have serious behavioral and cognitive difficulties. The program is highly supervised and structured. Multi-disciplinary teams work collaboratively with each youth and family to create plans that foster independence and help improve relationships with adults and peers. Learn more >

Pleasantville START (Short-Term Assessment and Rapid Treatment)

provides short-term assessment and treatment for children who need intensive intervention. Operating in Westchester, Nassau, and Rockland counties, START professionals work closely with families, foster parents, and community resources to stabilize the children and develop treatment plans that return them quickly and permanently to their communities. Learn more >


Gateways is the only residential treatment program of its kind in the Northeast, providing intensive, specialized, residential care for girls who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. The highly structured program’s experts help these young women gain the confidence and skills they need to become productive, independent young adults. Many are reunited with their families. Learn more >

Contributing to the Community: Pleasantville Cottage Campus
JCCA has been part of the Westchester community for over 100 years and is proud to give back in various ways. Read our infographic to find out how the Pleasantville Cottage Campus contributes to the Mt. Pleasant and surrounding Westchester communities.
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