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Westchester Day Treatment Program

Westchester Day Treatment Program provides a comprehensive array of interdisciplinary services to help children, adolescents, and their families function to their full potential. Young people are engaged in therapeutic, educational, and recreational activities designed to foster skills, build structure, and support academic success.


How it works

During the admission process, youth and families are provided with information about the program and an explanation of the services offered. With the participation of parents and guardians encouraged, staff develop a treatment plan based on an evaluation of a child or adolescent’s age, behavior, functioning, strengths, and needs.


  • A comprehensive assessment of the social, emotional, physical, educational, and psychological strengths and needs of the client and their family.
  • Development of a comprehensive treatment plan with the involvement of the youth, their family, and the treatment team, including educational staff
  • Discharge planning from the point of intake
  • Clinical intervention, including psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, family therapy, group therapy, play therapy and other face-to-face contacts between staff and clients designed to address the needs and goals of the client
  • Crisis intervention
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Case management, including linking clients to outsides services and monitoring engagement with those services
  • Social and interpersonal skills training to help the client develop age appropriate social and interpersonal skills
  • Task and skill training to enhance a clients’ ability to function at home, school, and in community settings