Behavioral Health and Wellness

MST-FIT (Multisystemic Therapy – Family Integrated Transitions)

MST-FIT is a program designed to support both the child and their family as residents of the Pleasantville Cottage School (ages 12-21) prepare to return home. Using an evidence based treatment model, JCCA’s MST-FIT team combine services delivered on campus prior to departure with aftercare to ensure a smooth transition out of placement and back into the community. Services begin two months before discharge and can continue for a total of nine months, supporting successful community reentry with regular in-home visits.

PCS youth deal with a range of issues that lead to temporary residential care: mental illness, behavioral dysregulation, trauma and emotional disturbance, risk of criminal justice involvement. MST-FIT aims to lower recidivism, connect the family with community supports, remove a youth’s dependence on drugs or alcohol, promote pro-social behavior, and effectively manage mental-health disorders and problematic behaviors. MST-FIT clinicians look at what drives negative behaviors and develop plans and supports to break the cycle. In collaboration with residents, overarching and intermediary goals are set, giving the child and family a step-by-step roadmap for moving forward to a healthier, more stable tomorrow.

JCCA’s MST-FIT team consists of three clinicians, each with caseload of six clients.