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East Flatbush Community Partnership


What is the East Flatbush Community Partnership?

The Community Partnership is a coalition connecting people and resources within the East Flatbush community, including Erasmus, East Flatbush-Farragut, and Rugby-Remsen Village. The partnership is an initiative of the NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) working alongside JCCA in the East Flatbush community.

In support of child safety, permanency, and well-being, we focus on the entire family and its complex challenges. Our aim is to provide children and parents with the resources to help address these needs holistically by learning to develop skills, solve problems, and strengthen relationships within the community. The partnership provides a platform for East Flatbush residents to be seen, heard, and served.

Visit the East Flatbush Community Partnership website for more information.


Our Mission

The mission of the East Flatbush Community Partnership is to improve access and coordination of resources between residents and service providers that support children and family well-being, and the community’s capacity to thrive.

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