Behavioral Health and Wellness

Health Homes


What is a Health Home?

A Health Home is a program, not an actual place.
It is a new way of providing services to help make sure all of your health care needs are met. Your physical and behavioral health care needs will be overseen by a dedicated care coordinator, who will work with you, your family, all of your providers, and your support system.


Why would I need a Health Home?
How would it help me?

Typically, people receive medical services from one place and mental health treatment from another. These providers do not usually communicate with one another. As a result, people can end up in the hospital or emergency room unnecessarily. With Health Homes, your dedicated care coordinator will work to improve your knowledge of your conditions/disease and develop your self-management capabilities. Our staff will help you understand how “sticking to the plan” will support your health and wellness and enhance the quality of your life. Your care coordinator can:

  • Coordinate services that meet your physical, mental health, and social service needs.
  • Set up doctor’s appointments and review service plan to ensure you have what you need to stay healthy.
  • Support you in following your treatment team’s recommendations.
  • Provide tips and strategies to manage conditions like seizures, asthma, and genetic conditions, as well as support lifestyle goals such as weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise.
  • Identify community-based resources.
  • Support your family in applying for stable housing.
  • Assess your eligibility for additional services such as skill-building, in-home therapy, and respite.
  • Help your family apply for benefits and make sure you continue to receive them.
  • Provide you with follow-up care and discharge planning if you are hospitalized.
  • Work with your family or caregivers to assist with the planning or delivery of your care.



Who is eligible?

People receiving Medicaid benefits that have received a mental health diagnosis, or have been identified as having Complex Trauma, or are HIV+, or have Sickle Cell Anemia, or have two or more serious chronic medical conditions (including a developmental delay).

Will I need to get a new doctor? Or change to a different specialist? Or attend a new program?

You do not have to change doctors, specialists, or groups to belong to a Health Home. Most people will be assigned to a Health Home that includes existing providers and treatment locations.

How do I join a Health Home?

JCCA is a Care Management Agency through Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) Health Home. To enroll in JCCA’s Health Home program, contact the program’s Outreach/Intake Providers at, or call:

  • Silvia Bunay (Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens & Lower Manhattan)
    Office: 347 462 8108 | Cell: 914 343 5654
  • Zenny Marte (Bronx, Upper Manhattan & Westchester)
    Cell: 845 600 5588
  • Kristie Joseph (Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens & Lower Manhattan)
    Office: 347 462 8116 | Cell: 914 240 4154