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Compass Project

The Compass Project helps teens and young adults with learning differences, executive functioning and social communication challenges, Autism Spectrum disorders and related disabilities.


The Compass Project is designed to help young people plan for and make a successful transition from high school, college or unemployment to the workplace and independent adulthood. Our program offers counseling, social and recreation programs, career assessments, internship opportunities, vocational assistance through ACCES-VR, college support and independent living programs for young people making the transition to an independent future.


Summer internships bring new friends and new confidence

JCCA’s Compass Project helps young people on the Autism Spectrum (or with other learning differences) make a successful transition from high school or college to the workplace and independent adulthood. Young adults on the Autism Spectrum are often challenged by such tasks as finding and keeping a job, learning to socialize and make friends. This summer, JCCA placed many interns in jobs; Cara, a cheerful 17-year-old on the Autism Spectrum, was one of them. Read more >

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