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Youth Development

The Youth Development Team partners with young people to help them advocate for themselves, and achieve personal and professional goals by establishing long-lasting connections with their families and communities. JCCA’s dedicated Youth Development Coordinators individually assess the needs of each participant, and then work together with the client by creating an action plan toward achieving PYA (Preparing Youth for Adulthood) goals, personal growth and success. Vocational Coordinators are experts in developing career goals and helping to develop employment skills by providing workshops and job referrals.


Referral Services

Youth Development Coordinators connect youth to both in-house and community services (e.g., scholarships, housing, employment).



Youth Development Coordinators help teens obtain specific documentation, such as NY State IDs, working papers, social security cards, birth certificates and more. Young people who have been part of the child welfare system do not always have access to these documents, which are necessary to enroll in school, obtain employment and complete other steps on the path to independence.


Preparing Youth for Adulthood (PYA Assessment)

Youth Development Coordinators help identify goals and establish a plan for life after care.


Vocational/Career Assessments

Young people discover their hidden talents with the help of Vocational Coordinators, who identify skills and career goals for workplace success.


Pre-Employment Program

Teens explore employment opportunities and learn the necessary skills to gain and maintain a job with Youth Development’s pre-employment program, allowing them to learn valuable skills needed in the world of work.