El fue un regalo especial que Dios escogió para nuestra familia.

Emelinda Eusebio, an incredibly loving and dedicated JCCA foster parent, has an OpEd in today’s El Diario Nueva York. She is calling on more Spanish-speaking families to become foster parents. “I never thought I would adopt a child. After three children already grown, my husband and I wanted another baby and thought foster care would be enough,” she says. “Children in foster care are in custody of the state, and Foster Parents are trained and certified by that local agencies to care for foster children on a short- or long-term basis. But when we met Christian, we realized he needed more than that.”

Christian came to Emelinda’s home when he was six months old through JCCA’s Specialized Family Foster Care: Medically Fragile program, which places children with serious medical conditions in the homes of specially trained foster parents.  The children in JCCA’s Medically Fragile Foster Care are placed with foster parents who are trained to address the child’s medical needs and provided with extensive supportive services. In addition to a social worker, each child has a nurse who makes a monthly home visit, assists foster parents with medical appointments and can respond to urgent medical needs.

“This experience has been so meaningful that my husband and I want to adopt another medically fragile baby. We are telling our story because we want other parents to do the same. Let’s help all of children who need a loving home. JCCA is one of several well-respected childcare agencies that can guide you through the process. Will you join us?