The Coronavirus outbreak has amplified the struggles JCCA’s children and families face every day.

Here’s how you can help

Support at-risk families and children—with in-person and virtual home visits

Purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff

Provide financial assistance for families to buy groceries and cleaning supplies

Provide educational and emotional support to school-age children

Support economically vulnerable members of our JCCA family 

The majority of families in our care depend on public assistance and cannot “stock up” on groceries and cleaning supplies. JCCA is providing financial assistance to these families at risk of food insecurity, and our staff are even going to the grocery store on behalf of vulnerable parents and caregivers.

Families with young children are facing challenges trying to help their children learn at home. JCCA is providing educational packages designed for kids under 6 to help parents support and maintain their child’s educational progress while schools are closed.

The COVID-19 situation is evolving every day, and JCCA is responding to meet the changing needs of its families and children.

With your gift, you can help us ensure every child gets the support they need.