Conference Presenter Application

Layered Vulnerabilities: CSEC Policy, Practice and Prevention for Multiple-Risk Populations

November 14, 2019 • NYC

Thank you for applying to present at JCCA’S Annual Conference on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. We are excited to review your application and ask that you please read and follow the instructions below:All application submissions must be completed IN FULL. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Presentations should be 60 minutes in length.
  2. Registration fees will be waived for up to two presenters per workshop.
  3. JCCA is unable to reimburse presenters for travel costs. We are also unable to pay honorariums, speaker fees or other costs.
  4. All workshops must pertain to working with commercially sexually exploited children. The focus of the conference is on multiple-risk populations as defined below—special consideration will be given to workshops that focus there.
  5. Workshop Title – The presentation must have a title that clearly illustrates the main topic of the workshop being presented.
  6. Brief workshop Description – (140 word limit): The workshop description must be brief, and clearly state the objectives of the presentation. Registrants will use this to determine whether they wish to attend your workshop.
  7. Full workshop description with learning objectives (500 words): The workshop must have at least three clearly stated objectives. The description must show how you plan on meeting each of these objectives through your presentation. Please be as descriptive as possible.
  8. Resume, biography and photo: Your resume will be used to determine your level of expertise in your chosen field, while the photo and biography will be used for the conference program. We ask that the photo be professional in nature and high-resolution.
  9. There are three tracks in this conference: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (see below). As part of your application, you must state which track your workshop is geared towards. Please note that intermediate and advanced level workshops should not include any basic CSEC foundational instruction, and should delve right into the topic area.
  10. If a workshop is accepted, JCCA reserves the right to modify any workshop descriptions, biographies or other documents submitted

Conference Tracks

  1. Beginner- People new to the field of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) who need to establish a baseline knowledge in this area.
  2. Intermediate- People who have been working in the field, and no longer need basic training on working with this population
  3. Advanced- Professionals with years of experience working with the CSEC population who wish to enhance and further expand their knowledge base.

Multiple-risk Populations Include, but are not limited to:

  • LGBTQ youth
  • Children in the child welfare system
  • Boys
  • Children with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Families of trafficked children

For more information, please contact [email protected].