Meet the Co-Chairs

Danae Farkas

Danae Farkas lives in Armonk with her husband and two sons, ages nine and seven. She learned about JCCA though a chance encounter at a yoga class and was blown away by both the history of the Cottage School and the services it offers in the present day. As a regular volunteer, she finds satisfaction in the chance to connect with the residents and knowing that she did something to make their day a bit brighter. Becoming a Tree co-chair felt like a natural next step in her increasing involvement with JCCA. In her free time, Danae enjoys yoga and dancing.

Erica Peltz

Erica Peltz grew up in New Rochelle and lives in Purchase with her family. As a member of the Board of Children’s Hope Chest, a Westchester-based charitable organization, Erica was tasked with serving as a liaison to the JCCA campus, a place she soon grew to love. As a former high school guidance counselor, she finds great enjoyment in working with young people again. She serves as a lunch bunch volunteer in the Gateways program and helps organize the holiday gift drive. When not on campus, Erica plays tennis and is studying for her pilot’s license.

Ali Gordon

Ali Gordon grew up in Chappaqua and lives in Scarsdale. Despite spending much of her life in the area, Ali didn’t know about the Cottage Campus for many years. While helping with holiday pie drive at her son’s elementary school, she found herself delivering a car-load of pies to JCCA one Thanksgiving. Her initial curiosity led her to join a lunch bunch and over time her husband and children followed suit. Her eldest son, Jake, recently completed an internship with JCCA Volunteer Coordinator Sandi Rosenthal. “JCCA has become something we share,” Ali said, speaking of her family’s connection to Pleasantville. “When I’m on campus, the residents ask about my kids. And when my husband or I leave the house to volunteer, our kids ask us to say hi to their peers in the cottages.”

Jenna Weinberg

Jenna Weinberg lives with her family in Greenwich, Connecticut. A former Fundraiser at UJA Federation of New York, Jenna has long known about JCCA. But it was only after visiting the campus with her friend (and fellow Tree co-chair) Erica Peltz that the mission hit home. She’s been a regular lunch bunch volunteer ever since. After years spent supporting non-profits from afar, Jenna values to chance to make a direct connection with the young people JCCA serves. “I feel so deeply about the Pleasantville campus––it’s become a big part of my heart,” Jenna says. Given her experience as in events-based fundraising, becoming a Tree co-chair was a logical way to use her skill set to support JCCA. When not volunteering, Jenna is kept busy by her young children and recently became a yoga instructor.


Benefit Committee Members

Jennifer Clark
Lisa Cohn
Julianne Cohn Metzger
Alisa Gershman
Shari Goldberg
Deborah Goldman
Danielle Gootzeit
Steffi Green

Sandra Jordan
Dana Keiles
Wendy Kleinman
Ali Rosenberg
Gerri Sommers
Michele Stuart
Robyn Troob


Your support will go to:

Healthy and fun enrichment programs like dance, guitar lessons, and art therapy that provide additional opportunities for our kids to heal and build self-esteem.

Supporting young people’s career and education goals through tutoring, internships, mentoring, and coaching.

Helping keep our youth active and entertained during the winter months with exciting activities like a winter carnival, brunch with Santa and a New Year’s Eve Party.

Supporting campus-wide recreational activities and events like camping trips, outdoor movie nights and carnivals.

Every donation goes directly toward real-life support for children and families in JCCA’s care. The programs and services listed above are representative examples of the assistance JCCA will be able to provide to its clients and families with each donation. JCCA reserves the right to allocate funds to where they are most needed and will have the greatest impact. For information about the event, call 212-558-9914 or email