This year’s “A Tree Grows in Pleasantville” event was incredible. If you were there with us, you already know it was a true testament to the commitment our volunteers and supporters have for JCCA’s Pleasantville Cottage Campus.

We are thrilled to announce that last night was the most successful Tree event ever: we raised more than $440,000 to benefit the critical therapeutic activities and academic supports that set the campus apart. Thank you to everyone who participated—and if you were not able to join us, you can still contribute! Click here to make a donation.

Maria, an alumna of JCCA’s Pleasantville Cottage School, spoke bravely about how the Campus—and her mentor, event honoree Judy Shapiro—changed her life. “JCCA gave me the strength and willpower to change into who I am today: capable of love and compassion. Today it is with great happiness that I can tell you I am free.”

Attendees enjoyed this video about the children on JCCA’s campus and the volunteers who make such a difference in their lives. Click here to watch.

The 15th Annual Tree event honored Steffi Green, Jen Krugel, Liz Templeton, and Judy Shapiro, who continue to inspire their families and loved ones with their dedication to the young people in JCCA’s residential programs.

Auctioneer Harry Santa Olalla led the audience in a lively auction that raised…

…more than $100,000! Thank you to everyone who participated.

“I’m very grateful there was a safe place for me to go where I could learn, heal, and prepare for my future,” said Tamia, an alumna of JCCA’s Edenwald Center who spoke after the auction. “My time at Edenwald gave me hope, strength, and support. And now I am determined to be the best that I can be.”

JCCA Trustee Stephanie Spiegel and CEO Ronald Richter capped off the program by announcing the winners of the evening’s raffle.

New this year, we added fun props and decorations to the photo booth. We’ll be uploading many more photos to Facebook—stay tuned!

NYS Assembly Member David Buchwald, left, with JCCA Board Chair Barbara Salmanson and CEO Ronald Richter.

NYS Assembly Member Thomas Abinanti attended the Tree event with his wife, Janet Longo-Abinanti.

Thank you again for such a fabulous night! See you next year!