Two Together is a citywide program that provides free tutoring to 100 students, ages 8–18. The youth have scored below grade level in reading or math, or have other learning needs. The volunteer tutors are professionals from all walks of life.

According to Anthony Sneag, who has been a tutor for many years, “I am an investment professional at Cornerstone Capital Management. I learned that I enjoy being a tutor when I was at the Columbia University Business School and participated in the Harlem Tutorial Program. I heard about the Two Together program from my sister Abigail, who works for Deutsche Bank, the program’s biggest partner. Last year I helped tutor a child named Tyrone. This year I tutored his younger brother Tyrique, who is in the eighth grade. He has pretty decent math skills, so we work on his reading and writing. I have been helping him with persuasive essay writing. I also encourage him to read an article in The New York Times every week which we discuss; this helps him improve his vocabulary. I find tutoring very rewarding. I enjoy the relationship with Tyrique and look forward to seeing him, and he looks forward to seeing me.

Additionally, I help with fundraising efforts for Two Together. I have had some experience with these types of events, and look forward to continuing my involvement in Two Together, because this is a great program that could use more resources.”

According to Bonnie Lichtman, Director of Two Together, “Tyrique is a better reader and writer, and gets better grades now that Anthony is involved in his life.”