Generous donors including UJA-Federation, Camp Ramaquois and the Highwater Women donated more than 1,000 backpacks to JCCA kids recently to make sure they are ready for school. Filled with supplies, the backpacks have been distributed to school-age children in programs across JCCA. We are so grateful for these wonderful donations!

Benecio: “There’s even a calculator. I have a lot of stuff now!”

Gloriana said that she is looking forward to the new school year, looking forward to getting good grades and the next level of math and her new school supplies will help her get good grades.

Maddy said that her new backpack and supplies make her feel happy about going back to school.

Brahlaya said that she is looking forward to passing her classes and that the supplies will help her do this because she is now prepared.

Vincent said that he now has everything he needs for school.

Juan said that he is excited about having the backpack and supplies because he didn’t have anything for school before this.

Allyson likes her backpack and supplies because now she can keep her work neat.

Alyssa is excited because now she has a book to read and paper to write on.