Routines make it easy

  • Write up a family schedule to get back in the habit of waking up early and doing homework.
  • Use pictures to create a visual list for little kids. Give positive feedback when they meet their goals.
  • Plan your meals and set out clothes at night for easier weekdays.

Resources make it accessible

  • Get to know your school’s Parent Coordinator to connect with teachers, the principal’s office and local resources.
  • Reach out to your JCCA caseworker for info on tutoring and parent education workshops.
  • A JCCA Education Coordinator can get your teen on track with scholarships and internships.
  • Put the DOE calendar in your phone and make sure you have childcare on parent-teacher conference days.

Rituals make it rewarding

  • Weekly outings to the library are a great way to support literacy.
  • Do special activities to mark academic milestones, like “pancakes for dinner” the evening before school starts.
  • Prepare a lucky breakfast or write an encouraging note on testing days. Make sure kids know their success is important to you!