Dear JCCA Colleagues,

Last week’s horrific attacks in Atlanta underscore the vicious grip of white supremacy and xenophobia on our country. Far from an isolated event, these shootings represent a frightening escalation of frequent anti-Asian harassment and assault over the past year, particularly against women. The initial police and media response also followed a problematic narrative, humanizing the aggressor and minimizing his violent prejudice.

Our hearts go out to the victims’ loved ones and we stand with our Asian American clients, colleagues, neighbors, and communities. Many acts of anti-Asian violence have happened right here in New York City. They are all examples of the harm that occurs when false narratives and implicit biases go unchallenged; they compel us to redouble our commitment to justice and equity at JCCA.

As I send this message, news is still developing around a mass shooting in Boulder, CO, yesterday. Even today an armed suspect is being pursued in Yountville, CA, due to reports of a woman toting a shotgun near a veterans’ hospital.

It is heartbreaking to think how pernicious this pattern is, how disturbingly familiar. Violence toward others, especially when motivated by race, is evil and must be eradicated. JCCA seeks to advance this message in what we do and what we say. Repair the world, child by child is not a suggestion. It is our mission and our demand.

Thank you for joining us in reflection, dialogue, and action as we continue this fight together.

Ronald E. Richter