In honor of National Foster Care Day and Mental Health Awareness Month, the inaugural JCCA Blue Day was held last Tuesday, May 2. It was JCCA’s first-ever day of giving and our community came to life––both in person and online.

In the lead up to Blue Day, our LEAP team held an all-blue painting party with JCCA youth. The limited color palate couldn’t restrain the creativity. Our young people painted their hearts out, producing pieces that featured a remarkable variety of subjects and styles––and they were none too pleased when the canvases ran out! “This was such a great day,” said JCCA’s graphic designer Katie Downs, who helped organize the event. “The kids made me laugh so much and were truly excited to express themselves.” (Check out some more of the art here!)



In the Bronx office’s lovely new early literacy reading room some of JCCA’s youngest clients enjoyed snacks and a reading of Eric Carle’s classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Staff spirit was high all day, and we received a flood of photos from around the organization of JCCAers proudly wearing their Blue Day pins. Staff and Trustees were active on social media, too, shouting out their connection to JCCA’s mission and asking for support.

Fun aside, Blue Day raised substantial funds to sustain JCCA’s life-changing services for New York youth and families. Relying largely on peer-to-peer appeals, we received gifts from over 100 donors and an anonymous supporter chipped in midway through Blue Day to match the next 35K of gifts!