Five years ago, Lisa Kolker Brocato moved from London to Westchester County with her family. After a very busy career in international business consulting, she was ready to devote time to volunteering. She met JCCA volunteer Stephanie Spiegel who introduced her to the Lunch Bunch program on JCCA’s Pleasantville Campus. Soon, Lisa had recruited about 40 women from her Ardsley community to expand the program to three cottages at Edenwald Center that weren’t yet served by the popular program.

“Being involved on the Campus has been one of the most fulfilling and memorable experiences of my life. Over the years, we’ve contributed support to many worthwhile organizations, but what I do here is really ‘giving by doing’ and this is so enriching. I am on campus one or two times a week and have gotten to know so many of the children over the years. There is nothing better than having Justin or Anthony or Ramona come running to me and giving me a great big hug.

My being here is having a real impact on these children’s lives, and the experience has changed me in so many ways, enriching my life and the lives of my two kids. They’re now 9 and 11, and I try to bring them to the Campus as often as possible. My daughter still talks about making 100 cupcakes for her birthday and sharing them with the kids here. She’s looking forward to doing her Mitzvah project on the Campus next year.

The enthusiasm among the women who have gotten involved on Campus is really contagious. These women have become dear friends and we all share the common bond of wanting to make a difference in the children’s lives. We have seen how we have the power to really make an impact in our community, and that is very meaningful and important to each of us in a very special way.”