Recently, JCCA recognized six special foster parents with Excellence in Foster Parenting Awards. These parents demonstrate skill and caring and work closely with JCCA and follow our family model. They establish positive relationships with the birth parents, serve as strong advocates for the young people in their care, and work toward a permanent placement for the children. One of this year’s winners is Lovie Arthur.

“The main thing I want for them is to have a relationship with each other and know that there is family out there for them. I make sure that the three I care for, and their three other siblings in a different foster care, get together every Wednesday. I buy pizza or McDonald’s and just leave them by themselves to play. Their mother, Darlene, died last May. I helped the family pay for the funeral and rented a limousine so all the children could go to the cemetery. They all wore pink and white clothes, Darlene’s favorite colors.”