Dear JCCA Colleagues,

The holiday season presents the opportunity to gather with loved ones and reconnect, to show appreciation for each other and the gifts that we receive, whether material or not. We take stock of the previous twelve months, some of us committing to change in the New Year.

I want to acknowledge the important work, time and commitment you all have shown to JCCA and to our clients this year – spectacular gifts indeed. At this special time of year, let us all focus on the children, families, and communities we are called upon to serve. Our work plays a pivotal role in securing better futures, in helping people find a more meaningful, rewarding direction. I am humbled by the role we play in so many lives: our clients and their families will always be our shared inspiration. I am also tremendously grateful that we at JCCA have been given the opportunity to help young New Yorkers and their families when they need us most.

The gifts our clients give are invaluable. We treasure the relationships we build with them and with each other as a result. We thrive by stabilizing families or developing new ones when necessary. Our work is meaningful because of the individuals we serve. Each of us benefits from the stronger communities we support through our efforts.

As we look ahead to 2019, let us continue to draw hope and energy from our clients’ promise and momentum as we work together to repair the world, child by child. Thank you for a wonderful 2018, and may you and yours enjoy a healthy, fun, peaceful and happy new year.

Ronald E. Richter