In honor of National Nurses Day, JCCA recognizes the nurses and nurse practitioners who work tirelessly to keep the kids and families in our program safe and healthy. In addition to operating two medical centers on campus, JCCA’s nurses provide medical care to children in foster care in the Bronx and Brooklyn. Their exemplary response to the COVID-19 emergency — from daily health screenings of the 200 children on campus, to providing additional resources for families impacted by the virus — has shown us that they are truly JCCA Heroes!

For a sneak peek of JCCA’s nurses hard at work, please watch this video JCCA CEO Ronald E. Richter filmed of his trip to the Pleasantville campus last month. It also includes narration by Dr. KJ Browner-Elhanan, JCCA’s Chief Medical Administrative Officer, describing the new systems and protocols we have implemented to protect staff and kids from exposure to COVID-19.

Despite the new changes and challenges of their jobs, the nurses seemed happy, hopeful, and proud of their work. When asked how life was on campus, one replied, “We’re great!”