Care Management

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Care Management

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JCCA’s Care Management Programs offer a series of services to help emotionally fragile children and adolescents (ages 5-17.9) who need ongoing mental health support, to help them live in the community. We enable the children to grow and become independent and engaged in the work and social life of the community. Home and field visits are provided to ensure that clients receive all necessary health, mental health, educational, vocational, housing, social, recreational and financial services. With help, many families can resolve immediate problems and keep children safely at home. Programs offer rapid assessment, crisis intervention and treatment to assist families at critical points. JCCA provides collaborative outreach and links families to schools, courts, health care, recreation and community services.


Central Brooklyn Family Services

Transitions for Children

North Brooklyn Children’s Services



These programs help emotionally fragile children and adolescents, ages 5-24, having difficulties that include: struggling to take care of themselves, trouble with academics, behavioral challenges and family issues. Through crisis intervention, home visits, counseling and service coordination, JCCA helps to stabilize families and enhance their potential for growth and independence.

  • Home and field visits to families
  • Emergency access to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Outreach to families and service providers
  • Advocacy concerning concrete service needs
  • Referrals to mental health services and after-school programs
  • Referrals to educational and vocational programs
  • Parenting, socialization and support groups
  • Linkage with other community services, including schools, medical support