JCCA CEO Ronald E. Richter was recently featured in two stories about keeping children safe from abuse and neglect in New York City. Melissa Russo of NBC 4 New York’s I-Team interviewed Richter as part of an in-depth look at caseloads and prevention services in the city’s Administration for Children’s Services. Russo turned to Richter for his expertise and analysis, gained during his career as a Family Court judge, ACS commissioner and now his leadership at JCCA. The two pieces were aired yesterday. We encourage you to watch and share.

Click here to watch “I-Team: A Proven Tool for At-Risk Families in NYC Child Abuse Cases Is in Crisis, Experts Say”, (aired during 6 p.m. broadcast).

Click here to watch “ACS Worker Caseloads Increase Amid High-Profile Child Deaths”, (aired during 4 p.m. broadcast).