For the past two years, Pleasantville START 3 Resident Supervisor Liticia McKnight and Jennifer Gluck have helped the girls in START Cottage 3 collect donations for the Community Center of Northern Westchester which provides food, clothing and other rescores for Westchester residents in need . Residents Tiffany, Antigony and Ianna made and decorated a collection box which was placed in the START office with a specific list of supplies needed. Agency staff and visitors contributed.

Recently they took the donations and bought 30 pounds of supplies such as notebooks and school supplies.

Clare Murray at the Community Center gave the girls a tour and explained how their donations help people in need. The girls were especially moved that the Center allows their clients to “shop” for what they need and pick out food, clothing and supplies as if they were in a store, as opposed to being given a handout. Tiffany said, “It feels good to help people who can’t help themselves.” The START girls are planning another holiday food drive this month.