Noah Weissman and David Peikon, best friends from Chappaqua and Temple Beth El, were weekly volunteer tutors last year at Edenwald Center as part of their bar mitzvah requirement. Noah is a fourth-generation JCCA volunteer. It is a tradition started by his great-grandmother, Ruthie Blume, a dedicated volunteer at the Cottage Schools in the 1920s. Both Noah and David spoke about how much their volunteer experience meant to them. Here’s what they had to say.

“I want to talk to you about my relationship with my friend and Edenwald student, Gene Warren. We meet once a week, and going to Edenwald isn’t a duty for me to fulfill a requirement. It is a highlight of my week because I want to be here. When I work with Gene, I get a feeling of accomplishment. I have taught Gene a thing or two, but most importantly, Gene has taught me something very important: to take pride in not only big goals but also the small goals I set for myself. Gene does this very well. Over the past year, Gene and I have developed a very special bond, and this bond goes way beyond tutoring and playing games. My friend, Gene Warren, has taught me about life and friendship. He’s a great kid and I am proud to be his friend.”