After 21 years in our beloved office at 555 Bergen Ave, the time has come to write the next chapter in JCCA’s service to the South Bronx community. On Friday, October 21st, the ribbon will be cut on our gorgeous, brand new office at 425 Westchester Avenue. Though only a block away from the old space, the move nevertheless represents a big step forward.

JCCA arrived in the South Bronx in 2001, among the first child welfare agencies in the city to embrace a community-based model of care. Many peer agencies followed behind. Over time, the old office filled with fond memories but also became outdated and outgrown. With the lease set to expire, JCCA leadership saw a chance to level up.

The new office features beautiful, state-of-the-art spaces to better accommodate clients and staff. Flooded with natural light, the custom built environment is outfitted for modern technology and designed to be adaptable to the shifting needs of each program and project. Comprised of app-connected, bookable desk space, meeting rooms of all sizes, phone booths and private spaces for confidential conversation, the office reflects our commitment to excellence. The staff café, wellness rooms, and incorporation of flexible scheduling are an investment in the experience of JCCA’s workforce.

Asked about their initial impressions of the office, many staff immediately mentioned the spaciousness and sunlight. Kirsten Cooper, AVP of Foster Home Services, remarked “the thing I keep hearing is how much the ease of access to other staff has improved.” Longtime employees find themselves interacting with colleagues they hardly knew before, a sign that the less siloed, more collaborative design is having its intended effect.

The move has been a multi-year process, delayed by the pandemic and supply chain shortages, but we made it. After two decades building ties to individuals and organizations in the area, we consider ourselves true members of this community. With the opening of the new office we’re renewing––and elevating––that commitment for the long term.

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