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How JCCA Is Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak

JCCA’s leadership team, with expert guidance from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. KJ Browner-Elhanan, is working with our medical team, our program staff, and our operations staff to address the spread of coronavirus. During Governor Cuomo’s PAUSE-NY executive order, all JCCA programs are considered essential. The campus remains fully operational and other programs have pivoted to a hybrid model prioritizing virtual services in combination with in-person help when necessary. Below are some of the ways  we are supporting the health of our clients, staff, and community.

  • We screen everyone who comes to our program locations, including staff, clients, vendors, and consultants.
  • On our campus, we have an isolation cottage for any children who are symptomatic or test positive for coronavirus. Our 24/7 health centers on campus also offer telehealth appointments for all young people on our campus. For a glimpse of the campus, please watch NBC4’s profile of our front-line workers here.
  • Our foster home, prevention, and care management staff are working remotely whenever possible, and for staff whose roles do not permit telework, staggering schedules and limiting in-person meetings. Their work has been featured on ABC7 and in the Wall Street Journal.
  • We are working to provide every client with phones, tablets, or data services to ensure that they can continue their schoolwork, family visits, and clinical services remotely
  • Our operations staff is rigorously cleaning and disinfecting all common areas, cottage residences, and medical offices
  • Internally, we are continuously and constantly educating, training, and reminding staff and clients of the universal precautions, including through ubiquitous signage, as well as increasing our supply of hand sanitizer throughout common areas. We have also provided face coverings/masks to all staff and clients.
  • Our Crisis Fund is helping staff provide essential supplies like groceries, diapers, technology, and cash assistance. Click here to learn more.

The children, young people, and families in JCCA’s care already face formidable challenges; the coronavirus outbreak creates new and daunting obstacles. Those of us in the human services community are figuring out how to continue to meet the safety and emotional needs of our clients without putting them, and our workforce, at risk.

As we navigate this uncharted territory, I am inspired by the exceptional commitment of JCCA’s leadership and the diligence and dedication of our staff. We are adapting with resilience, as we have since 1822. Using professional guidance, new protocols, and new technologies, we continue to provide the highest quality services to thousands of young New Yorkers and their families.

We will keep you updated as the situation develops and wish you and your loved ones health, comfort, and calm.

Take care,

Ronald E. Richter