Residential Practice in COVID


The convening of a crisis management team is essential to manage decision-making, ensure open lines of communication across an organization, and anticipate and mitigate against potential risks and impacts.  Depending on the size of the organization, a crisis team could include the CEO, head of public relations, vice presidents, and managers of key departments, especially human resources and operations.  The crisis management team should develop a calendar regarding frequency of meetings.  At the beginning of the crisis, this team should potentially meet daily in order to lay out areas of focus, timelines, and set up systems for communication with other parts of the organization.  As time moves forward, this schedule can be gradually reduced in frequency.

The following chart represents areas of focus for the crisis management team and can also assist in determining who should be part of the crisis management team.   It identifies leadership areas of focus and outlines the roles of agency departments who should be represented on the team:

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