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Data Tracking and Analytics

City and State oversight agencies will request data related to individuals impacted by a pandemic, both clients and staff. It is very possible that as a pandemic progresses, the frequency of data requests, as well as the data requested, will change many times. It will be helpful to form a committee, composed of staff from executive leadership, information technology, and a department that reviews agency data such as performance evaluation or quality assurance. The convened committee will formulate and review data, trackers, and assign specific individuals to input internal data as well as report to the various oversight agencies.

Executive leadership within your agency will also review data collected on a daily basis and likely be required to report to the board and other funders, especially when making requests for emergency funding needed as a result of the pandemic. Once the data requested seems to become consistent, it will be helpful to construct one agency-wide tracker that encompasses all of the data requested both internally and externally. The convened committee can meet weekly or bi-weekly to assess the functioning of the tracker(s) and adjustments needed.

Included in this guide are sample tracker templates to report data regarding clients to an internal agency executive team and to governmental oversight agencies. Also included is a sample tracking document that encompasses the data required for all of these entities. These trackers include information about individuals who are symptomatic, possible testing for illness, medical advice, and the plan for both the individual and the family. Please see sample trackers for more specific information suggested to be tracked.

It is very important that when tracking sick and/or symptomatic staff, only Human Resources is aware of identifying information and that all data collection is HIPAA compliant. Human Resources will ensure that all staff have sufficient sick time and will consult with staff supervisors if/when necessary with permission from sick individuals. Please see the sample Human Resources Tracker for information to gather and how to organize it. Similarly, governmental oversight agencies and internal executive staff will likely request this data. It is important for agencies to plan for limited staffing and the minimum numbers of staff required for programs to remain fully functional.

For residential settings with teenagers, although AWOC data is normally tracked, it will be essential for this data collection to continue in collaboration with both childcare and medical staff. Upon returning from AWOC, children must be seen by medical staff with potential plans for isolation or self-quarantine based on what each child reports (or does not report) regarding their whereabouts and whom they were with. Included below is a sample Quarantine and Isolation Tracker for Youth.


Human Resources Tracker for Staff
Quarantine and Isolation Tracker
COVID 19 Tracking Document
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