Residential Practice in COVID

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Staff Training

Residential care settings are in the position of having some training programs that are unique and specific to this environment, such as Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) and Safe Crisis Management (SCM). These trainings involve both a theory and a physical portion. For the theory portion, this should be conducted remotely through a virtual platform. Videos, however, cannot be used for the physical portion for initial certification training. Because this requires in-person skills training and testing, this should take place only when necessary and with the following precautions in place:

  • Consider program needs and only certify staff when absolutely necessary
  • Screen participants prior to starting, for symptoms and with temperature check
  • Provide mask and gloves for all participants
  • Conduct trainings in small groups and follow social distancing protocols. Arrange seating with at least six feet between participants.
  • Demonstrate restraints via video to reduce the number needed for live demonstrations
  • Once competency is demonstrated, do not require skill to be repeated or demonstrated again

Staff recertification training, however, should be conducted online through a virtual platform. Virtual trainings can be adapted to demonstrate physical assists without the use of a partner.

Please discuss any postponements or changes in the Certification/Recertification process with your licensing agency.



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